KN95 mask Similar FFP2 TL-KN95-01 CE 2797 Certified Min 1000Pcs #N90056004623-1000

KN95 mask Similar FFP2 TL-KN95-01 CE 2797 Certified Min 1000Pcs #N90056004623-1000

KN95 mask Similar FFP2 TL-KN95-01 CE 2797 Certified Min 1000Pcs #N90056004623-1000

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Protection masks KN95 TL-KN95-01 with 5 Layers certified with TRUE CE by a notified body CE 2797, filtering over 95%, (typical 98%) suitable for multiple uses. PPE for use in workplace safety. Only order multiples of 1000 pieces.
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Protective masks KN95 TL-KN95-01 CE 2797 with 5 Layers
Suitable for the protection of the respiratory tract from viruses, bacteria, dust including toxic ones, silica, mineral processing, arsenic, beryllium, silver, platinum, lead, cadmium, cotton, non-greasy mists and metallic or plastic fumes, in concentrations not above 10 times the limit. It reduces the emission of the droplet, it is personal and non-transferable.
This mask is a PPE with filtering greater than 95% and 5 layers, therefore comparable to the FFP2 standard. (FFP2 filters up to 94% while KN95 GB2626 to pass the tests must filter at least 95%, typically 97/98%)

Storage conditions
It should be kept in a place with good ventilation, clean, dry, avoiding humidity and exposure to contaminants.

Useful life
It varies according to the type of contaminant, its concentration, the user's respiratory rate, the relative humidity of the environment and the conservation of the product by the user. Therefore this variable must always be evaluated by the person responsible for determining the use. It must be changed every time it is saturated (clogged), perforated, torn or with a loose or broken elastic band or when the user perceives the smell or taste of the contaminant. No repairs or maintenance must be performed on the product. In the specified stock conditions (not in use), its validity is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Warnings for use
It should not be used by people with beards or deep scars on their face as this prevents an effective seal of the respirator on the user's face.
Leave the area immediately if: breathing becomes difficult; the product is damaged; you experience any type of irritation or have dizziness, nausea or pain in the head (this may mean that the respirator is saturated or poorly sealed on the face).
WARNING In case of irritation or respiratory problems, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Price for the purchase of 1000 pieces, only order multiples of 1000 pieces.