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AkzoNobel Nautical Eroding Antifouling 2,5lt Black #470col2017

AkzoNobel Nautical Eroding Antifouling 2,5lt Black #470col2017
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Nautical Antifouling Eroding is an antifouling paint formulated to provide a universal good seasonal protection. Suitable for use on all types of boats (except aluminium hulls) in medium-density areas.   
More information
Low cost universal antifouling
    •    An economical choice for seasonal protection
    •    Good quality-price ratio in organic medium density areas
Formulated also for freshwater and brackish water
    •    Allows you to navigate in all types of waters while maintaining a good level of protection
Erosion action
    •   Smooth and clean hull, minimum friction
    •    Erosion restricts the build-up of paint in time
    •    Reduction of preparation time before covering support, saving time and money
Minimal surface preparation
    •    Compatible with most antifouling

Black Colour. Packing of 2.5lt.

NOTE: Nautical Eroding antifouling can be applied on all International antifouling paints in good condition except for the VC series. Perform a proper surface preparation before applying.