Who we are

Verdenergia srl is a dynamic company, our facility is powered using 100% renewable energy.

We distribute a wide range of products for the major sectors including: LED lighting, Energy, Home, Sports & Fitness, Personal Care, Pet Care, Gardening, Marine Electronic Instruments, Antifouling, Anti-Osmosis Products, Enamel and Varnishes, Fridges, Tender Arimar and Tender Nautiline, Hidea Outboard, Trolling Motors, Batteries, Battery Charger, Inverter, Nautical Hardware, Chain, Mooring Ropes, Anchors, Winches and more yet..

We have chosen to offer our products exclusively through the sale ON LINE to meet a large number of customers by offering quick delivery and competitive prices.

We are able to ship within 48-72 hours of ordering and the availability of the site are "real time" in order to guarantee the customer a quick and safe delivery. (except in a few rare cases of overlapping orders)

We also produce plants in our greenhouse, grown in pots ensuring a safe engraftment. Besides, given our geographic location, our crops are very hardy as naturalized in North East Italy.