DLG SALUS Citrus Fruits Hand Sanitizer 18ml 5 Boxes of 44pcs 220 SPRAY #N90056004633

DLG SALUS Citrus Fruits Hand Sanitizer 18ml 5 Boxes of 44pcs 220 SPRAY #N90056004633

DLG SALUS Citrus Fruits Hand Sanitizer 18ml 5 Boxes of 44pcs 220 SPRAY #N90056004633

DLG SALUS sanitizing and moisturizing hand spray with Aloe vera Bio and Propolis, Citrus Fruits fragrance, 60% alcohol, without rinsing, protects against harmful germs and bacteria. 5 Boxes of 44pcs total 220 SPRAY.
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DLG SALUS Citrus Fruits Hand Sanitizer Spray with Organic Aloe Vera and Propolis
18ml Mini spray without gas

DLG SALUS sanitizer spray is a product designed to cleanse and sanitize hands in situations where there is no running water available. Enriched with Aloe vera, Propolis and Vegetable Glycerin it makes the hands always hydrated, soft and healthy. It absorbs in seconds without leaving odors and without being sticky. Comfortable to use, you can carry it with you in your pocket, bag, suitcase, backpack, even on the plane.
Perfect for sanitizing hands in public places, on means of transport, in hospitals or schools. Essential before eating and drinking or after touching money. Always at hand, comfortable, practical and above all economic, with over 300 sprays available you can sanitize your hands over 100 times. Two or three sprays directly on the hands sanitize, nourish and make your hands happy.

• Sanitizing and moisturizing hand spray
• Protects against harmful germs and bacteria
• High quality natural ingredients to keep skin hydrated and soft
• Quick evaporation, no sticky residue or alcohol smell
• The Spray system distributes the product evenly over the whole hand
• More applications than traditional gel disinfectants
• Modern design that can be carried comfortably in your pocket, bag, backpack ..
• Travel Friendly, a travel format also for air travel
• Dermatologically tested
• Paraben-free, without triclosan
• Cruelty free

Purify your hands in seconds without rinsing - natural formula with:
Natural ethyl alcohol
It is obtained from the fermentation of fruit sugars or starches
contained in cereals. It evaporates quickly without irritating or leaving odors. Effectively fights germs and bacteria.
Organic Aloe Vera
Hydrates the skin giving a feeling of freshness. Aloe Vera BIO has vitamins A, B, C, D and E. It also has natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
Vegetable glycerin
A fantastic ally of dry and dehydrated skin. It exerts a strong emollient, moisturizing and revitalizing effect thanks to its known regenerating properties.
Propolis extract
Propolis has an antimicrobial and antifungal action and for this reason it is considered a powerful natural antibiotic with healing, emollient, antioxidant and purifying properties.

60% alcohol
Made in Italy